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Sunday:  9:30am - 11:30am & 1:30pm-3:30pm
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The Studio
Owner/Instructor - Dana Wall

During a business meeting in 2003, I met a Pilates instructor and took her up on an offer to try a private class, WOW!  I loved the movement, I had finally found an exercise program I could enjoy. My body started getting stronger, my posture and balance was improved and I was no longer concerned about falling and injuring myself.  

After almost a decade of being a consistent Pilates student, I had the opportunity to enroll in a Polestar Pilates certification course that was developed and taught by physical therapists. 

When I completed the course, I knew that I had to own a Pilates Studio. Fortunately, Kendall Yards was just developing the business district and I was able to secure a great space in this beautiful Urban Community.

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I truly love "Core Pilates and Wellness". It's a place where everyone is accepted and appreciated. My students are amazing! They range from 16 to 86 years young! I get to be part of helping people change their bodies and minds! The rewards are tremendous.

Instructor - Jade Van

Jade Van is a certified STOTT PILATES instructor. She began her love affair with Pilates after college and found herself drawn to the fluidity, attention to detail and rehabilitative qualities. She started her journey to becoming an instructor in 2011 in San Diego at Marshall Eklund Pilates and finished her training at Pacific North West Pilates in Portland Or. Jade has completed the Injury and Special Populations course, as well and believes in Pilates as a tool to strengthen and mend the body.   

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Instructor - Lisa Shaffer

Bio coming soon

Instructor - Emily Shriner

I am originally from the West Coast. I am classically trained and obtained my certification at Shepord Method Pialtes in west Los Angeles in 2018 and have been teaching across LA since and now here in the PNW. I first fell in love with the sport as a teenager when I started the practice consistently for my profession as a model, per request from my agency as they wanted me to have a lean toned appearance and particularly a trimmed waist. I had always been active and Pilates was the one thing that worked and actually felt good from inside out like nothing else. Then during my training I really started to understand the profound changes in my body and how much not just I, but everyone needs this kind of work. Growing a real connection with my body and gaining the tools to better my every day life and become better at my performance outside of the studio is why I see the value in teaching others. To help others achieve a similar kind of experience  drives my passion as an instructor. 

Instructor - Alex Graeber

Alex Graeber is a certified Peak Pilates instructor.  She has always had a love for health and wellness.  After college Alex decided to further her passion for movement by enrolling to become a Personal Trainer, with a nutrition certification.  Through Personal Training she found Pilates and immediately fell in love with the movement.  Having hip dysplasia she found Pilates to be one of the only exercise programs she could do without hip pain. She enrolled in a Peak Pilates certification in 2015, and has continued her education since.  Alex has been teaching Pilates for 6 years.  If you don’t see her in the studio teaching you can find her hiking, waterskiing, downhill skiing, cc skiing, swimming, or walking her chocolate lab.