About us

Your hosts are Scott & Pamela Brownlee

​About Scott

Scott Brownlee acts as ranch foreman and co-wagon master at the Rockin' B. Scott herds the big old doghouse bass viol, does all of the musical arranging for the Rockin' B shows, and sings a pretty note to boot. His handsome twin brother, Dusty Bicuspid, pops up (by request) to tell a story now & then. 


Born and raised in northeastern Colorado, Scott spent several years performing with the rock-bluegrass group, Rufus Krisp. He composed music for many television series and films, including the Emmy-award-winning, "Baby Doe." Scott then joined the musical gold rush to California, where he penned songs for the Muppet Babies cartoon show, and worked as a freelance recording engineer for Disney, Marvel, and DIC, earning an Emmy Nomination.   Besides his duties shovelin' in the Rockin' B corral, husbandin' Miss Pammie and bein' father to their grown offspring Penn and Olivia, he is a professor emeritus at the School of Film and Television at UCLA, teaches at Loyola Marymount University and SFCC, commuting to L.A. each week during the “off season.”


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​About Pamela

Pamela Brownlee, wife of Scott, shares his love of the cowboy life and country living in general. Music plays an integral part of her life.


As a member of the 4-H club, Miss Pammie availed herself of the talent show aspect, in addition to raising and showing sheep. She began performing musicals in elementary school and hasn't stopped since. Her first band was The Salt Company out of Hollywood, CA. She enrolled in the vocal program at Dick Grove School of Music where she co-founded the Doo-Wah Riders. It was there she met Scott, and together they voyaged on the Queen Mary (fortunately the ship was docked at the time) with Pamela singing and Scott playing bass in an Andrews Sisters Revue.

The treble and bass clefs engaged, and were married in 1981. Since then the two wagon masters have been blessed with two wonderful children, Olivia and Penn. The family moved to Liberty Lake, WA in 1992, where they founded the Rockin' B Ranch in 1994. And for each performance, the songstress and the bass player get together again.